First edition.
Publisher, Date:
New York : Forge, 2017.
351 pages ; 25 cm.
Sequel to: The Testament.
"A Tom Doherty Associates book."
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Author Notes
Eric Van Lustbader was born in Greenwich Village, New York City in 1946. He received a bachelor's degree in sociology from Columbia College in 1968. While still in college, he began work in the entertainment industry by creating his own music production company that included work with such bands as Cheap Trick, Mountain, and Blue Oyster Cult. He is a writer of both thriller and fantasy novels. He has written several series including The Pearl Saga Series, The Sunset Warrior Cycle, The China Maroc Series and The Nicholas Linnear/Ninja Cycle Series. He is also the co-author of the Jason Bourne series, starting with book 4, with Robert Ludlum. <p> (Bowker Author Biography)
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  Publishers Weekly Review

In bestseller Lustbader's busy sequel to 2007's religious conspiracy thriller The Testament, Aldus Reichmann, nauarchus of the Knights of Saint Clement of the Holy Land, sends freelance antiquities hunter Valentin Kite to Lebanon to find the cave containing King Solomon's mine. While the king's purported gold is a worthy objective, Val thinks the real goal is to locate the Testament of Lucifer (aka the Book of Deadly Things), the first of the three relics known as the Unholy Trinity. Opposing the Knights are the Gnostic Observatines led by Braverman Shaw, who's the magister regens of the worldwide organization. Each of these groups employs minions whose goal is to kill each other, often with the help of demons who possess the bodies and souls of their victims. Dan Brown fans should have fun, but others may not possess the patience to unravel the many complications. An open ending points to more to come. Agent: Henry Morrison, Henry Morrison Inc. (May) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

  Kirkus Review

A decade later, Lustbader (The Testament, 2006, etc.) reopens his study of good and evil, secret cults, and God and Lucifer's elemental struggle for world dominion.More underground guerrilla war than DaVinci Code conspiracy, Lustbader's latest has two premises: King Solomon's alchemists employed Satan's Book of Deathly Things to create golden treasures, which they thereafter infused with "a fifth element...aether...the Quintessence...the pure energy of the universe"; more critically, Lucifer, believing "God had stepped aside...ashamed of the transgressive failures of his greatest creation," intends to rule the world. Lucifer has set loose the Fallen as advance troops. Also involved are the Knights of Saint Clement of the Holy Land, whose motives and goals are nefarious, and the Gnostic Observatines, a long-ago Franciscan splinter group more interested in serving truth than pontiff. Braverman Shaw and his sister, Emma, lead the Observatines. They're presently working from Istanbul, where Braverman will meet with Dilara, a local Observatine, who informs him he must allow her daughter, beautiful Ayla, a London barrister, to guide him into Lebanon's Tannourine mountains. It's there they'll find a cave holding secrets about the Testament of Lucifer and Lucifer's Book of Deathly Things. Who's serving whom becomes problematic, but the world's fate has been thrust upon Braverman, Emma, and Ayla; the Fallen resist. Character development? Not much, but there's much minutiae about things real and imagined, like the sign of the Unholy Trinity. The narrative is complex, with everything from alchemists to a cure for blindness to Saint Bella dell'Arca, an Italian convent ruled by the Fallen where rituals are sexual. Intelligent, well-researched, and unsettling, this tale often references Yeats' "The Second Coming" but doesn't reach that poem's level of disquietude. Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
<p> The Fallen : A new, pulse-pounding thriller from Eric Van Lustbader, the New York Times bestselling author of the Jason Bourne series and The Testament. </p> <p>The End of Days has been predicted for the last two thousand years. Now, without warning, it is upon us. In a hidden cave in the mountains of Lebanon, a man makes a fateful discovery. He will bring what has been forbidden for thousands of years out of the darkness and into the light: the Testament of Lucifer.</p> <p>In Istanbul, Bravo Shaw, head of the Gnostic Observatine sect, is warned by Fra Leoni of the war between Good and Evil, waged to a standstill since time immemorial. Now an unfathomable danger has arisen: Lucifer's advance guard, the Fallen. Humankind is in danger of being enslaved by the forces of evil.</p> <p>Bravo, Fra Leoni, and Bravo's blind, brilliant sister, Emma, are the first and last line of defense against the chaos unleashed by the Testament of Lucifer. All roads lead to the Book of Deathly Things: the Testament of Lucifer. But if Bravo and Emma become privy to its dreadful secrets they very might well forfeit far more than just their lives.</p> <p>In the sequel to his internationally bestselling The Testament, Lustbader delivers a new trilogy that explores religion, politics, and civilization, that plumbs the depths of morality, that, finally, asks us to consider what it really means to be human.</p>
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